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Elayne Angel


I was worried about my nipple piercing and airport security a few days ago, not anymore! Elayne provided me with heaps of helpful, professional information. Replying WAY faster than any other piercer I have contacted (literally replys in a space of a few hours), I actually felt like I was talking to a close friend over email, she's that friendly! Will definitely contact again if I have any further problems, Thank you so much Elayne! Will be looking into buying your book for further information.


I recently got my inner labia pierced by Elayne and it was THE BEST piercing experience ever. She is the definition of professional and well educated in her field. The piercing procedure was incredibly quick and the pain went away after 2 seconds. I could honestly say that this was the least painful piercing I ever got, which is why Im going back to get two more done by her in December! I was always insecure about my labia, but getting it pierced has improved my self esteem and now it is my favorite piercing. Also, thanks to Elayne, I am a lover of emu oil. I had mentioned to her I use coconut oil for everything: I eat it, feed it to my dogs, use it to shave, use it as hair treatment and hair growth, and apply it everyday during the healing process for a new piercing (has no negative effects, unless you're allergic). Emu oil and coconut oil have the same benefits and healing properties, but emu oil is just 10xs stronger. Due to the nasty weather change in San Diego, my eyes burn, itch, become puffy and red during the entire day (eyedrops would not work), I applied emu oil all over my eyes and within a few minutes my eyes cleared up COMPLETELY. All in all, GO TO ELAYNE FOR YOUR PIERCINGS. Her level of experience, skill, and professionalism will make your piercing experience memorable!


In 2012 I decided to transform my self-pierced Prince Albert into a Apadravya. Elayne did an amazing job--the piercing was quick, precise and relatively painless. I love having an Apadravya and had scheduled an appointment to get an Ampallang to create a Magic Cross (Iron Cross) piercing. I made a deposit for the piercing session and was contacted by Elayne to submit photos to assist with jewelry measurement. However, when I sent her the photos, it was obvious to her that the Ampallang would not be possible due to the angle of the Apadravya and the large gauge jewelry being worn in it. If we did proceed with the Ampallang, there would be a high chance that it would be difficult to heal and could possibly migrate. I decided to cancel my piercing and she issued a full refund, minus the $10 consultation fee. Although I was disappointed, I really respect Elayne's integrity and professionalism. She is a gifted master piercer and I've had two very positive interactions with her, although only one resulted in a piercing:

I highly recommend Elayne Angel if you are considering a below-the-neck piercing.I can't think of a more competent, experienced and ethical piercer on the planet!


I got a VCH by Elayne about 2 years ago in Long Beach, and it was easily the best experience I've ever had. Through my research I came across her website and her book. (Great book, by the way. I highly suggest reading it before getting your next piercing). I contacted her with a question and I was just astounded at what I received: nothing but pure professionalism, genuine kindness and understanding, and not to mention a surprisingly quick response.

Come the day of the piercing. She was amazing. Same professional, friendly, welcoming person I experienced via email. I was extremely nervous, but before I knew it she was done. It was an all around great experience from the prep time to the aftercare discussion. 2 years later, I absolutely love my piercing!

Due to past experiences I had a real disconnect from my sexuality and my body. The entire piercing experience from the questions to the cleaning have been a part of my healing process. I have to say that getting that piercing has really helped me get back in touch with myself. It was not an overnight fix: it started as just a physical benefit, but in the process of caring for the piercing and becoming associated with it I found myself caring and becoming associated with myself. I believe the piercing and my wonderful experience with my piercer are the major catalysts that have helped me learn to love my body again.

Thank you, Elayne!


Elayne! You are a wonder & gift to us all. I had no piercings, other than ears, & was scared half to death for my trinity of VCH & nipples. I'm a scientist by nature & attorney by training so I researched these procedures obsessively before commiting to them. The most important part of my research centered on WHO would do my piercings. All road led to you & I am so grateful! You were patient, professional, understanding, informative, & immensely kind. Oh, did I mention, YOU WERE FAST!! Thank the Lord you knew to do the VCH first!! That one was a doozie!! However, since you made sure my blood sugar was up & I was hydrated, I was confident to move forward with the next two. I sure couldn't have done it in anyone else's hands. Now, about 6 weeks later, I'm thrilled & so blessed to have crossed paths with you. All is well. If any of my children ever consider piercings, you know who I'll be sending them to! Much love!


The Piercing Bible is a fantastic resource for new and experienced piercees, and Elayne is a wonderful help whenever you need her. I have had some scary piercing-related experiences but with the help of Elayne and one of her APP members I came through the struggles on top, with nine healthy, healed piercings. I highly recommend the book and the APP, and will say from personal experience that it's definitely worth the extra drive to get a piercing from an APP member!


hi Elayne

i had my VCH done by the piercing studio you suggested.

great experience, great jos, great advices, great professionnal and at the end of the day i am so happy and satisfied !

making use of you referral is definitvelly a must ! no issues, great professiona. i gain a lot of time versus trying to find one by myself !

again tks a lot for your advices




I've had my belly button pierced for about 5 months now ,the top looks perfectly fine but the bottom hole still bleeds a little every so often , and some times it has pus around it which gets stuck to the ball and makes crusties around it. Another thing is when I clean it if its not wet before I try to move the bar its kind of hard to move it up and down . Is anything wrong ? My piercer told me to clean it with antibacterial gold dial bar soap


This is not the best place for piercing questions. That said, I would HIGHLY suggest you stop using Dial and review (and follow) the care guidelines on my page here:

I do offer professional consultations for a small fee. If you wish to have a consultation with me for your piercing problem, please visit this page for information and to sign up and pay the $10. for a consultation: 

Unfortunately, I can’t really offer much personalized information or advice without doing a proper consult, which would include seeing some clear, close-up photos.

Also, if you're not wearing high quality jewelry, you may need to change it to for your piercing to heal properly.


I did a previous review some time back on my VCH, which Elayne did this March 22nd at Infinite Body in Philly - in short, Elayne was very warm, wonderful, and incredibly quick; I will definitely be booking her again. This review is a long one, but it's a fuller testament to what a properly placed, well-healed genital piercing done by a true professional with proper jewelry can do.

I dealt with primary anorgasmia before Elayne pierced my VCH. "Anorgasmia" is a catch-all term to describe the condition of not being able to orgasm. "Primary anorgasmia" describes the condition of having never had an orgasm, despite trying. I'm a student sex educator on my college campus, so for me, this was particularly difficult; right or wrong, the fact of the matter was that I felt like a fraud. Here I was able to answer dozens of the weirdest questions college kids have about safer sex and sexuality - yet I couldn't even manage to get myself off. After ages of jumping through medical hoops, my doctor told me that nothing was medically "wrong" and nothing in my background suggested a psychological block. This rather awkward conversation also assured her that nothing was wrong with my own "technique" and that my past partners were, in fact, capable of locating the clitoris. She said my clitoris was just "unusually insensitive" (I could've told her that much), that it was likely so from birth, & that I'd just "have to live with" being incapable of orgasm. That wasn't acceptable to me. By this time, I already had a few more traditional piercings & was well aware of Elayne's reputation. I knew I wasn't suited for horizontal placement, which initially discouraged me, as I'd heard plenty of feedback from triangle owners who previously dealt with anorgasmia and found their piercing helped - but none from VCH owners. Nevertheless, I personally liked the look of the VCH better anyway - and as far as sensation went, I figured that in the hands of a consummate professional like Elayne, it certainly couldn't be detrimental. In the back of my head, I think the most I expected was increased sensation. After my VCH healed (which it did rapidly and without a problem), not only was sensation increased, but orgasming became possible. I honestly can't attribute it to anything but the piercing - literally nothing else has changed. Elayne's work seriously changes lives, and I can't thank her enough for that.

every body is different, and I'm not saying genital piercing will magically cure everyone with anorgasmia, primary or general - but in some cases, it may make what was previously impossible possible, as it's done for me. (And, again, for what it's worth, I wouldn't go to anyone but Elayne for a piercing below the belt. Especially in such an important area, why settle for anyone but the best? If you cannot make it to Elayne, seek her referrals, or at least seek out someone APP certified - I've visited Infinite a few times after getting my VCH for non-genital piercings, and the folks there have been consistently fabulous.)


I had been considering getting a VCH and did some research, not only on this website but on several other websites. I finally went into get the piercing with one of Elayne's referrals in Arizona, Kevin Jump at HTC Piercing. He is awesome! I was so nervous when I first walked in but as soon as I spoke to him, he eased my worries and I was positive I was ready for a VCH. Not only is he extremely informative and professional, he's also humorous and just has this attitude that immediately puts you at ease. I firmly believe that getting a piercing is a HUGE deal, and it shouldn't be taken lightly. Yeah, a piercing might be modification that you can "take out" if you're not happy with it, but just the mere process of it can expose you to all sorts of infections or other complications. I felt that not only Kevin embraces that but the entire shop. I am more than happy with his work and would not go anywhere else for any future piercings (if I decided to get more).


I recently had the pleasure of getting a VCH and my nipples pierced by Elayne in New Orleans. These are piercings I have dreamed about getting for YEARS, but due to nerves and a lack of great piercers in my hometown (not New Orleans), I refused to get them done unless they were done by the best.

Elayne was incredibly kind and quick during the appointment booking. When I was unsure about the results of my Qtip test, she agreed to consult me during my appointment. During the appointment, Elayne was super professional and super nice! She was great about letting me know what to expect during the piercing process. I was impressed by how thorough she was in making sure that my piercings were safely and correctly placed and best suited for my anatomy. She also taught me about the aftercare process and what to expect during healing. I could not have asked for a better experience, and I am SO thankful for Elayne and her website for giving me the research and tools I needed to make wise decisions about my piercings. It's great going into an appointment knowing that you are in great hands (especially when you're nervous!)

Overall, 20/10 experience! I am so in love with my new piercings, and I have had zero issues in the last few days since piercing following Elayne's advice. I HIGHLY recommend consulting and booking Elayne for your piercings if she is in your area. She is without a doubt worth the wait.


After extensive research, I decided I wanted a VCH piercing, and all directions led to Elayne. I had read that she's the best, so if I was going to do it, it was going to be by her. She pierced me when she came to my city and I can say nothing but good things about her. The communication is great all throughout the process from consultation to answering any questions you may have. The actual piercing went by very quickly and didn't hurt. I think the whole process took about seven minutes tops -including prep, piercing and aftercare instructions. She is very sweet and talks to you the whole time and let's you know what she's doing as she works. She's so good that she had done the piercing and I was still waiting, bracing myself for her to do it. I won't say it's completely painless, but it hurts even less than an earlobe piercing. Immediately afterward, I just felt normal as if nothing was there, and was easily able to go on with my day. I'd have to agree with everyone and say she is indeed the best - very professional and it's clear that she's experienced and dedicated to quality. If you're thinking about getting this piercing, I highly recommend her, I wouldn't trust anyone else.

P.S I only got it two days ago now, and even though it isn't healed yet, it feels like it is.

Thank you Elayne for being awesome! It was a pleasure to have gotten pierced by the greatest.


Hi there. I just wanted to thank you for your list of referrals. I just recently moved to Arizona and know absolutely no one here. I had been contemplating the decision to get a vch for about 5 years but I was very hesitant. Browsing the internet for healing times I stumbled upon your website (the heavens opened up). After reading your very insightful information I knew that I wanted it for sure but I definitely wanted it done properly. In your info you mentioned a list of referrals so I found the link and there was Kevin's name. I made a trip to visit him at HTC of Tempe and was completely satisfied with his level of professionalism from the initial "Hello" to my departing "See you soon". I will be back to visit him for future piercings. Thank you so much for making it easy to find such a great piercer. YOU ROCK... P.S. Kevin spoke very highly of you. I never met you and after leaving Kevin I know you are a wonderful person...

Michelle Greenbank

Hi Elayne, i just wanted to say thank you thank you thank you for writing such a wonderfully imformative book. I have read it front to back many times, this and running the gauntlet by Jim were very educational. Xx


Elayne... My piercings are absolutely beautiful! It's been one month since you performed my triangle and HCH in Atlanta, and I still can't find the words to tell you how utterly pleased I am with every aspect of your skill and care. Through my very first email contact with you, to my actual appointment that Saturday in GA, to your endless patience with me, your expertise and genuine love for your clients are obvious. From our very first contact, I knew that I would trust my body to no other piercer. Thank you for everything... My husband and I are deeply grateful.

Violet carter

Hi I had my nipples pierced at ancient adornments by roger rabbit and I was wondering if u could look at my pics and let me know if u think the barbell should be longer? Contact me back and I'll email u s pic thanks

Hi Violet, You're welcome to send me a photo, but if you have any doubts, please contact Roger or visit his studio! Elayne


Dear Elayne, I wanted to write and thank you for your information about the VCH piercing that you provided in your Piercing Bible. I have read that book from cover to cover several times. Armed with the proper information I found a local, experienced piercer who performed my piercing correctly. My lifestyle is probably the polar opposite of yours (no judgement intended here) and 10 years ago I would have never set foot in a piercing studio, believing that they were pretty good places to pick up some unwanted diseases. Complications following a cartilege piercing at a mall kiosk (yes, now I know better!) necessitated a visit to a local piercer and my whole idea of what a piercing studio was got turned upside down. Your book was recommended by my piercer. I was so glad to find that your book is written in a neutral tone so everyone is comfortable reading it. I am so grateful for the wealth of information you have presented here. I didn't get the VCH for the usual reasons that most people do although I will say that the jewelry is pretty and fancies up the area quite a bit! :) I am a 58 year old post hysterectomy, post menopausal woman who wanted a non-hormonal approach to dealing with postmenopausal dryness issues. Because of my family history, estrogen is NOT my friend!! (I have strokes and heart issues on paternal and maternal sides of the family and other than high triglycerides, I have avoided the other problems so far.) I suspected that a well placed VCH would act to cause passive lubrication and that seems to have been the case with me. It's possible it is a placebo effect, but heck, even if it is, I have some relief from the excessive dryness that has plagued me for the last five years. I did ask my NP if she had seen any studies regarding genital piercings and post menopausal women and she had not, but she was intrigued by the idea that a VCH would cause passive lubrication. To her, it seemed logical that the presence of jewelry in the area would cause the body to produce more moisture. I am wondering if you have been aware of any studies that have proven this? Anyway, thank you for a solution that I would never have been aware of before reading your book!


Hello, I got a VCH piercing about 10 years ago to help with stimulation during sex. I had hoped this would help with orgasm during sex since I haven't been able to achieve one. I was wondering if maybe there's a reason it didn't help at all? Maybe it was placed wrong? I don't recall having the choice between the 2 VCH or HCH. Is there another piercing that would help with this.I would love to be able to experience this ! Thanks in advance!

Hi Sara,

It is quite possible that your piercing was not placed optimally for your anatomy, or that the jewelry isn't the best size or style for you.

If you would like my help with evaluating the placement of your VCH piercing, and to check your anatomy to see what other options you might be built for, visit this page to book a consultation with me:

Some women find that the triangle piercing does the trick, so if you're suited to that you may want to get one! Use the CONTACT form (linked in the top navigation) to send me a message!


I am recently fully healed from a triangle piercing which I was grateful& happy to have had done by Elayne in mid December 2014. I also had one nipple pierced. I have had two nipple piercings in the past that healed shut & I had no idea that these piercings took so long to heal because they had been pierced in the wrong location! I also had a previous hood piercing that I wasn't told would be strictly cosmetic, so going to Elayne was an incredible experience. She is wonderfully gifted & gracious expert. Elayne is so knowledgeable that there was NO pain from the extremely quick & perfectly placed piercings. They are incredibly suited to me which was determined before hand in a consultation with Elayne. My words of praise seem too menial when compared with the professionalism, passion and empathy she has for what she does. There is no one like you! Thank you Elayne! You ROCK!


Thank you Elayne for the awesome consultation, you were very helpful and kind! If I ever have any other questions about piercing, I know who to contact again!

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