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Elayne Angel

Barbara Z.

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You Elayne! I visited with you once again in Philly at Infinite Body Piercing on 11/10/2015 for my coveted “Triangle” Piercing. 1st Let me say that this was an intense piercing – but now I understand why. I am almost 3-weeks out in the healing process and I am already so in love with this formerly elusive piercing! I’ve been able to feel & experience things after this piercing that I have never been able to feel - prior to this piercing, and the sensations are only intensifying as the healing process progresses! As you know Elayne - I am in my early 50’s so I know that nothing prior to this piercing (even my VCH) even comes close to the amount of gratification I have felt with the “Triangle”. Your professionalism, skill, knowledge, compassion & dedication to your craft makes everyone who is pierced by you walk out of the shop confident well informed and better education about their choice to be pierced by you! Please Keep Doing what You Do!!! I will be stalking your calendar for your next trip to PA. Thank You again.

James Cates

I am a body piercer in Raleigh, NC at Savage Tattoos. I read your bible and it really taught me to pierce with my bosses expertize as well. I still will not perform a cheek piercing because of your story. Any way my question is this. Where do you stand on performing infants ears? I believe they should wait until the child wants to have it done but some parents say its their decision and I would have to disagree. I'm a veteran so I believe in we are a free society to make our own decisions when we are ready to. Its why we take our oathe. To defend freedom at all costs. Anyway not trying to start a debate I would just like to hear your opinion. I do hold it in high regards and I always tell people to research their piercing in your book. Keep up the good work! Thank you for your time as well.

Hi James,

Thanks for your positive comments! I'm happy to hear that you learned so much from my book. You definitely have the right to decline to pierce infants and children. I cover this topic on page 251 in The Piercing Bible. Here's an excerpt from that section:

I will perform piercings only on individuals who specifically consent to the act and agree to comply with maintenance procedures during healing. Obviously, this includes declining to pierce babies or toddlers who are too young to grasp the situation—and all animals, of course. I will pierce the earlobes of a child who is old enough to knowingly make the request for it. He or she must also comprehend the need to keep dirty fingers away during healing and promise to abide by my instructions, usually with a parent’s help. Many of my colleagues share my standards, though some are more accommodating, and others even stricter.

Robert & Teresa

We have done much research for Teresa's genital piercing. Had no idea there were 3 ways (VCH, HCH or triangle) until finding this great website. We did the email consultation and got some good incite and a referral of someone Elayne knows well in our area. We now feel more confident we know the right questions to ask and think we well be able to understand the answers we get but if not we know Elayne will be there to help. Thank you so much and keep up the good work.


I was pierced by Elayne on November 12, 2015 at 7:30 PM at Infinite Body Piercing in Philadelphia. I got a Prince Albert and a Guiche. I had a very positive experience. There is no way I would have had anyone else pierce me down there! Elayne is not only a master piercer, but she is very professional, very friendly, very patient, and very lovable. At no time did I feel uncomfortable during the procedure. I am anxious by nature, so she continued to assure me that I would be okay. Now I have two beautiful piercings. Thank you so much.

It was not as bad as I thought it would be. To me both piercings were “easy to medium” as described in The Piercing Bible on page 32. I have had both nipples, both earlobes, and my tongue pierced in the past. I did not feel the earlobes or tongue being pierced at all. The nipples were the most painful piercings I got. The needle stung at the entrance and exit and I felt a lot of pressure as the needle went through. The Guiche only stung for a split-second as Elayne pushed the needle swiftly through my flesh. The PA hardly stung at all. The only thing I really felt was the receiving tube, which was more “annoying” than anything else.

I always wanted to get a PA, but it has always been a challenging decision mentally. I would start worrying about everything that can go wrong with it. What made the decision easier was buying and reading The Piercing Bible, buying and watching Elayne's videos performing PA piercings, and having Elayne pierce me. The bleeding was not too bad. I have been wearing Depend diapers, and have not had any leaks. I did start taking a Vitamin K supplement approximately three weeks prior to my appointment, and I will probably continue taking the supplement for one more week. I got the piercing two days ago and I am hardly bleeding any more. Urinating did not sting at all for me, but I have been urinating under water. I place my penis inside a cup full of water over the bathtub. I am mostly talking about the PA because it was the piercing I was worried about, but now I know that there was nothing to worry about.

I traveled approximately six hundred miles to get pierced by Elayne, and I would definitely do it again if I desire to be pierced again in the future.

Elayne, thank you again so much for two beautiful piercings and for making me feel so welcome and loved. You are truly an Angel!


Barbara Z.

Visited Elayne Angel yesterday in Philly for my much desired Triangle Piercing! This is not my 1st visit with Elayne and it will not be my last. If you desire a Genital Piercing, First do your research, then book an appointment with Elayne. Don't trust that special area to just anyone!!! She really is as friendly, comforting & professional as she seems.


I have been research a vch piercing for awhile and came across her website, which is great and very informative. Unfortunately she was all booked up to her visit to philly, but she replied to my email with the quickness, which I appreciated and she gave me the answers to my questions and it felt so personable even three email. Hopefully I will get to meet the beautiful person on her next visit but in the meantime she did give referral to someone at the shop that she wld b visting. I say if u can wait or luck up and get pierced by her I would. I only can imagine what she is like in person cuz her website and her personal email def shows she knows her thing and take care of her customer and potiental customers. Which is hard to come by this day in age. Thank u so much

Brittany Bleu

I am so glad I stumbled upon you and this book during my research following my interest in a genital piercing. I got a VCH from Kevin at HTC in Tempe, AZ and the experience was amazing. He was knowledgeable, professional, and extremely personable. He made the experience much less awkward than I expected it to be. I will definitey be going to him for my future piercing needs. Thank you so much for everything.

Alessia Modonutti

Hi Elayne, I just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful website and the piercers referrals. I live in London and last week I went to see Julie at Cold Steel for a VCH. She is truly amazing and I am delighted with my new piercing. Thank you so much Alessia


Reached out to Elayne to complete an Apadravya from my existing Prince Albert. After emailing back and forth with Elayne I decided to get the Appy piercing along with a Pubic and a Lorum. Elayne's prompt and considerate responses to my emails put me at ease and demonstrated her great knowledge and professionalism. Additionally I bought a copy of Elayne's book and finished it a couple days before my appointment. I highly recommend anyone considering getting pierced, whether by Elayne or not to read her book. You will learn everything you need to know to have a great piercing experience. I thought my appointment day would never come!

My appointment with Elayne was simply awesome. She was just as warm and friendly in person as her correspondences. More so really cause in person she has such a nice smile. She patiently explained what would happen each step of the way and that I would have a beautiful new piercing when we were done. And she was right! Once we were in the piercing room her calmness and control put me at ease and settled my nerves. I asked every question that came to mind and she answered each one to my satisfaction. We had a really good time actually. I even managed a laugh a few times. Elanye paid special attention to placement of the piercings. She spent a lot of time marking and asked me what I thought. I gave my opinion - she responded and we would agree on just the right placement. She involved me in the discussion about the fit of the jewelry which was so important to me. Elanye worked around me with the sureness and skill level of an experienced professional. Her painstaking attention to sterile procedures was on full display - just like she outlines in her book. Seeing her expertise in action was so reassuring too. The actual piercings were over in an instant. Didn't hurt nearly as much as I had been fearing - more like a firm pinch - three of them. She also made sure I remembered to breathe afterward! After each piercing Elayne applied a cold compress and made sure I was ready before moving on to the next. Then we were done!

Elayne talked to me about aftercare and made sure I had a plan for a great healing. I can't say enough nice things about this experience. I shared a moment with Elayne and got exactly the piercings I wanted. I could not be happier with them. If you are considering a new piercing, I highly recommend you reach out to Elayne.

Thanks for the great experience Elayne! You are super!



I went to elayne for my vch piercing. I first did tons of research which lead me to this website. In April i booked my piercing for September. During the entire 5 months she stayed in touch with me (had qtip test issues lol) however she made sure everything was ok. Her personality alone made me less nervous along with her sense of humor. She was very thorough with her step by step of how the piercing would be. It was quick and painless (more shocking than painless). I would recommend her 1000x! You are the best and the day you gained a loyal customer but a niece too ms elayne. Thank you for your services and your warm personality!!


Yes i would like some advice for myself on getting my belly button pierced

If you wish to have an anatomy consultation with me, you can sign up for one here:

And if you wish to have information about picking a good piercer, what kind of jewelry is best, how to take care of te piercing and more--you should pick up a copy of The Piercing Bible. Everything you need to know is in there!


I found Elayne's site simply looking for information about nostril piercing placement...I had not had the best experience going in, as the piercer had difficulty getting the nostril screw to fit properly. It kept hanging out of the bottom of my nostril ( I am a teacher, and regardless, its no fun to walk around that way!) I went back twice within 2 weeks to have the jewelry tweaked and having the labret moved in and out while the piercer 'measured' poor nose was beaten up, and the experience resulted in me doubting his expertise. And, I still came away with wire hanging down out of my nose!....I was 'rescued' a few weeks later by another piercer, who put a shorter screw in for me ( so gently I did not even feel it done!) but still felt insecure about the entire process. I was excited to read Elayne's advice to others on her site, and ELATED that she does consultations for such a reasonable fee!....I emailed Elayne and she responded within hours, so thoughtfully and from her heart. I feel so much better having an aesthetic opinion from someone who obviously puts so much in to mastering her craft. Thank you again, Elayne...namaste.


Everything is just phenomenal over here on my end! 2 weeks ago I took a trip over to San Francisco where I flew out from Chicago to meet with Elayne Angel for an appointment at Cold Steel Tattoo and Piercing on the famous Haight Street. After following all of Elayne’s instructions, my new apadravya piercing has been healing as good as it gets. The look AND the feel of my piercing is awesome and I wouldn't ever consider second-guessing myself or going back in time to avoid having it done. Again, I thank Ms. Elayne Angel so very much for all of her help and continued support throughout the entire process. Her level of professionalism was absolutely tremendous and I can't say that loudly enough. It was truly an honor to receive my piercing from her and most definitely appreciate all that she has done. I love it! She performed such a wonderful job with amazing placement. Everything occurred perfectly as planned because her technique is so advanced. The sea salt water soaks and the emu oil from Desert Palms Emu Ranch are wonderful and do a terrific job-I am absolutely hooked on the Desert Palms Emu Ranch Oil and have been recommending the product to some of my family and friends since it has such a multitude of uses. From the bottom of my heart, once again, thank you Elayne. You are so remarkable at what you do for a living.


I received a triangle piercing from Elayne in SF 5 days ago. I was not nervous or anxious prior, due to Elayne's excellent communication before and during. This was my first piercing other than my ears, nose, and belly button, so I was totally new to the genital piercing experience. Elayne was the epitome of professional and her confidence did wonders in making me feel comfortable. I trusted her totally, and am so glad I did! I am still healing and have yet to enjoy the benefits of my piercing, but it is beautiful and most importantly, done properly. I cannot thank her enough for being the expert piercer that she truly is. I feel grateful to have been pierced by the one person I believe to be a master at her art. I am so happy. Thank you, Elayne!


I had a very great time getting to meet and get pierced by Elayne in SF last weekend! I got one of her own creations the Lorum and it's fantastic, I love it! Thank you very much for the great experience Elayne I can't wait to get another piercing from you! P.S if you could send a copy of the picture you took of my new piercing I would appreciate it, thanks once again. Phil


My piercing is beautiful and healing great! The Emu Oil is great stuff! I have been soaking 2x a day for 10 min when i can but once at a minimum. I have had no crusties or discharge that i can tell. It looks amazing!

I will concur with your descriptions that it changes sex and masturbation. The first time we tried a small vibe to it was like a bolt of electricity! YOWZA!! But it has definitely helped improve sensitivity during intercourse. YAY!!

Thank you again for a job well done and for being a fabulous piercer and helping this girl with her first body piercing!! Can you tell, i am thrilled!! :-D


I want to thank Elayne for a great experience with outer labia piercings. I'm quite middle-aged and I've only ever had my ears pierced before, so I was very nervous. Elayne was really great from our first email contact to the actual piercing and then consulting on aftercare. She returns emails promptly, is clear about what information she needs beforehand and what she can only tell in person, answers questions clearly, and doesn't over-promise.

She was very professional about the piercing in terms of timeliness and sterility, etc. but she was also warm and helpful about me being nervous. She waited between the two piercings for me to be ready for the second one, even though I knew she was on a tight schedule.

To me, the piercing did hurt quite a bit at the time, and I was glad that Elayne hadn't told me anything different, but the immediate pain subsided in a few minutes and any real discomfort was over by the next day. The piercings are healing beautifully and I really love the emu oil.

If I ever decide to have additional genital piercings, I would certainly go back to Elayne.


Hello, everyone! I just want to share the GREAT enjoyment I've experienced with my piercing since visiting Elayne in July. I wanted a VCH but it was determined I wasn't built for the piercing. However, Elayne suggested a labia piercing & angled it right next to my clitoris. & OH man is it wonderful!!! I read that labia piercing are largely aesthetic but thanks to Elayne's expert markings I am VERY pleased to say that mine's is more than just an ornamental piercing. In short, it feels marvelous!! As for the pain, it was brief & just a sting. I wanted to share this for all those women who may want to get pierced but have doubts-DO IT! & make sure it's by Elayne because she is the best!!


this site helped me answer my question about if I could get a nose stud and switch it out with a ring (the rings on the side of the nose) cause somebody had already answered it. I'm also considering getting a lip ring (ring on the side of the lip) but I don't know where I want to place it :(


I'm practically a regular alumni with Elayne now, having both a VCH and both nipples pierced. I just celebrated my first year VCH birthday, and my nipples (2nd time being pierced) will be a year in November.

To start, I'll say that Elayne was both highly professional and incredibly friendly and knowledgeable during the whole process. This includes early on, when I first contacted her with email questions about the VCH. She walked me thru the "Q-tip test" and responded to email thoughtfully and promptly. I made my appointment with her for her visit to Infinite Piercing in Philadelphia, and she was great - in person the same as she conveyed online. The piercing was a cinch, just a quick split second of pain, and that was it. She answered my several questions, leaving the whole process to be an excellent experience. AND, I love love love my VCH!

I then contacted her and we discussed my nipples being re-pierced. While some piercers may have just told me "sure no problem", Elayne said she's need to see them to be sure there were no issues with scar tissue, and once again took great care to ask me several questions as to the history of my issues with them. I made another appointment at Infinite, and once again, she was caring and thoughtful and did a wonderful job on both piercings.

One of the reasons I initially let my first nipple piercings close is that even after almost two years, they were always "cranky", the crusties that while normal were always uncomfortable. Having been introduced to emu oil from Elayne from my VCH, we talked about using it liberally with my nipples. Well, needless to say, the emu oil was and still is AMAZING. The healing seemed to go more quickly, and it prevents the crusties and relieves them if they appear.

So, once again a successful piercing and wonderful experience overall with Elayne's knowledge and artistry.

Thank you Elayne! I'll see you hopefully soon for my labia piercings!!

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