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Elayne Angel


Hi Elayne!

All of your piercings and tattoos are amazingly beautiful! I have gone to Bink in Tallahassee for my rook, snug, and (as of yesterday) my nipples. He is amazing and I'm so glad you endorse him on your site. I've read through your book in his shop and plan to purchase it soon. Thanks so much for sharing all of your education and information you've gained on piercing. :)

-Kerry in Tallahassee, FL

Hi Kerry, Thanks so much for your comments. Glad to hear that you visited Bink and that he did a fantastic job on your piercings.


wow... i was looking for information on peircings and i'm so impressed. i really want to get your book and i think your art is Fantastic! i'm in South Africa so i'll have to order it. have you ever thought about coming here?

i have smaller wings on my upper back and a ribbon around my ankle as well as 6 piercings but i'm definately getting more. your ink is by far some of the most original stuff i've seen...

thanks alot! =]


Hello <3

I would like to say that your tattoos are wonderful. They are beautiful, You are a very inspiring person to me.

I started giving myself piercings when I was 13; and now I'm 15.

I love your book and you are a wonderful person.


One of my heros.




Robert Ruiter

As professional piercer for 19 years I still find your information very helpful. Keep up the great work.

Natasha Perez

I really want to pierce my VCH but don't want just anyone doing it... I have read everything on your site. Will you be in Seattle-Tacoma-Olympia, Wa With-in the next few weeks? PLEASE!! Thank You Natasha Perz~ Proud Military Wife!!

Hi Natasha, Sorry, I don't plan to be in that area any time soon. Have you checked your anatomy to be certain you are suitably built for a VCH piercing? Did you try the q-tip test as pictured on my page:

I haven't personally worked with any piercers in your area, but you can check the website for a local member of the Association of Professional Piercers. I'm the Medical Liaison for the organization. The APP is a non-profit organization dedicated to disseminating vital health and safety information about piercing to piercers, piercees, medical professionals, legislators, and the general public.

While some of the piercers on the list have taken my seminars at the annual APP conferences, I still wouldn't consider them to have been "trained by me," as those courses only last a few hours and aren't sufficient for providing a thorough education. Please meet the piercer and see if you develop a good rapport and if they inspire your confidence.

My book contains a great deal of information for everyone interested in piercing including all about evaluating piercers and studios, piercing placements, appropriate body jewelry sizes, styles, and materials, aftercare, troubleshooting, and much, much more. After reading it you'll be well qualified to evaluate and select a piercer.

I am likely to be piercing in your area at some point. If you would like to be notified when I make travel plans, please sign up for my free newsletter in the box on the left lower portion of this page: It is an "opt-in" list, so I can't add you myself. My next trip is to New Orleans the last days of July and the first day of August. I also plan to pierce in Philadelphia some time this year.


Thank you for creating your site! I stumbled upon it and thank god I did! I've wanted a VCH for over two years now, but after I got my nippled pierced and found out it was done wrong, I'm skeptical about letting anyone pierce anything else lol, do you ever travel up north? I hope you come to new england!

I'll definitely be piercing in Philadelphia at some point this year. If you would like to be notified, please sign up for my newsletter in the box on the front page:


OMG I was surfing and found you tonight and realized that the numnut who pierced my hood did it all wrong. I wished I had surfed way before hand because you were in my neck of the woods. Please Please come back to Texas you can even pierce at my home in Georgetown next time your here. I will be looking for you.

Hi Ronni, Sorry I missed you. Thanks for your interest. If you want to know when I make new plans to travel and pierce, please sign up for my email list on the front page of this website here:


Hi Elayne, why don't you cross the pond and come and pierce in London?! Thank you for writing your bible, it was fantastic, really readable as well as being informative. It is easy to see that this is your passion. Davina

Gaston J. Dahm

Hi, Elayne.

Got my copy of your wonderful "Piercing Bible" a few days ago. I am amazed: so much good, practical and helpful information, written in an excellent style! As a European, I think you should get your book translated into German and French, to spread your knowledge to the European continent (success would be guaranteed without any doubt). Thanks for sharing your knowledge and skills. Gaston

Hi Gaston, Thanks so much for all of he great feedback! I'd LOVE to have my book translated and distributed in different languages. However, that is up to the publisher.... I've shared your comments with them in hopes they will consider it. Elayne


Hi Elayne, Just wanted to let you know that your website is really helpful! I saw on your upcoming event that you'll be in waco/austin in a few weeks. I've been considering a VCH for a long time and happened across your page today and all your references, and then come to find out you'll be a couple of hours away from me in a few weeks so it seems like fate. Hah! I was wondering what kind of price to be expecting before I make an appointment and schedule a road trip out there

Alex, I would be delighted to pierce you so send me a message through the contact page and we will set up an appointment!


Hi Elyayne. Yur website is VERY informative! I am glad you took the time to make it so that people like me can make informative decisions on what type of piercing we want done. I have been trying to find a piercer in New Orleans that is as skilled as you (searched BMEzine) but of course I cant find any recommendations. I did seee that you will be in Waco and Austin so I might have to make that trip during the weekend of the 12th! If you could please contact me in regards to the triangle piercing. I have a VCH done and had a clit piercing done but i wasnt happy with it. I look forward to hearing from and hopefully meeting you soon!


Courtney, I'd be happy to respond, but you didn't provide your email address. Please send me a message using the contact form.

Janet Lutz

Congratulations Elayne! Your new website is informative,easy to figure out and absolutely beautiful!! And let's not forget purple was a great color choice!!! You are definitely an amazing woman with endless endurance...xo

Lynda Epstein

Hi Elayne, Congratulations on your new website, it looks beautiful! Lynda

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