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Elayne Angel


I have never found somebody so knowledgable on this subject! Very informative! I have a question though. I got a VHC done twice and each time my skin just sorta stetched out and the piercing fell out. They both healed almost immediately and my piercier just said to come in again and she will do it for free. Is it even worth it to have her pierce it again?

H there, I'd be happy to evaluate your anatomy to see if you appear to be a good candidate. Can you send some images, including the q-tip test as explained on this page of my site?

What style and size of jewelry were you wearing? Sincerely, Elayne

Tonya Hamilton -Dunker

Just got a VCH piercing by Elayne in Philly today.She was great! Thanks soooooo much Elayne. Hope to see you in Boston soon. P.S. your absolutely beautiful!!!



Event Calendar suggestion: 

September-- Miami, FL ;)


Hi Angel,

I have 3 tattoos on my back (got my first when I was 12, my mom took me!) and I used to have a facial piercing (long gone now). This year I decided to surprise my boyfriend and I got my nipples pierced. He absolutely loved them and asked me to get a genital piercing. I began to do some research and that's how I found you and your book.

I graduated this year as a Medical Doctor so it's really great to find a real professional in the world of body art, someone with anatomic knowledge who understands that each piercing is a surgical procedure and needs to be considered as one. 

I'm determined to find someone who really knows what he's doing to get my VCH. If I don't I'd rather not getting it at all than having a bad job done. 

I'm going to US on January, I'll be on NY and Florida. I'll check on your calendar later on, it would be great to have my VCH placed by you.

BTW: I love what you've done with your body! Love your tongue piercings and your tattoos!


Nancy Bieber

Hi Elayne!

I used to have a piercing in my lip and it got infected and I had to take it out. I want to get one done again, but afraid of the complications. What do you recommend? Thanks! Windows Ottawa.

All of my piercer referrals are posted on this page of my website:

I haven't personally worked with or trained any piercers in your area. You can check the website for a member of the Association of Professional Piercers who is local to you:

The APP is a non-profit organization dedicated to disseminating vital health and safety information about piercing to piercers, piercees, medical professionals, legislators, and the general public. The piercers are not "certified" by the organization, however. While some of the piercers on the list may have taken my seminars at the annual APP conferences, I still wouldn't consider them to have been "trained by me," as those courses only last a few hours and aren't sufficient for providing a thorough education. Please meet the piercer and see if you develop a good rapport and if they inspire your confidence.

The best thing I can suggest for you is to become a more well-educated consumer. If you found my website informative, I think you'll be amazed by all of the valuable facts and practical advice in my new book, The Piercing Bible--The Definitive Guide to Safe Body Piercing. It contains a great deal of information for everyone interested in piercing including loads of information about evaluating piercers and studios, piercing placements, appropriate body jewelry sizes, styles, and materials, aftercare, troubleshooting, and much, much more.


heyy, just want to say Elayne is amazing even though i have never been pierced by her she was very patient with me giving me advice so thanks so much ^.^ I just ordered her book aswell :)



Vicky Pinxy Dawson-Nay

Hiya just thought I'd drop a message saying how fantastic your book is, it helped me so much when I was training via my apprentiship for piercing which I completed dec 09, and although it is not a guide to help you train the information in your book helped me so much with the research side of my training I couldnt put it down and I keep a copy in the studio I work in to re-read as I know that in the piercing industry I am going to be forever learning which is great I love being a body piercer and I love being able to give people the joy of a new shiny piercing lol.

You are a true insipration to me and I know if I ever had a question regarding piercing you would be the first person I would contact for advice.

Thankyou so much for the work you have done I know myself and alot of people value all your hard work

Take care

Vicky :)


Elayne..........the best info i have gotten on the VCH since i started researching it 3 years taking the step to get mine done on friday soo in like 4 days from now (its monday at 3am....probably should be in bed with the hubby) you have set my mind at ease about the whole situation and now i am 100% certain that i actually DO have a hood that can be pierced. Thank you for the book and thank you for the information......ur book has saved me lots of worry and anxiety.


hey .. i was wondering if u deliver the book to any county in the middle east like Jordan or Lebanon 

this could be very helpful(=


Thanks for your comment. My book orders are being filled by The Association of Professional Piercers, and they do ship internationally--all around the world. Also, the book you will receive is a signed copy, and 25% of the proceeds go to the organization. Go to this page for information about placing an order:

Andy Fisher

Hi Elayne,

Just bought your book and have now come across your amazing website.

I have several piercings starting from about 1990 but unfortunately the one man I trusted to do my piercings has passed away.

Having said that I did get a lip piercing recently which is healing well.

I have also been looking into taking up piercing as a profession and would welcome any suggestions for courses in the UK as I would only do this with professional training.

Thanks for the book



Hi Elayne! Love the website & the book. When are you coming back to SF? I'm convinced on the triangle. . . & considering you wrote the book on it. would be great if you were in the neighborhood sometime soon!

Sierra Wetmore

love the website!!! hoping to buy your book soon!!


hi I am so happy to see your site I just came across it one day I am reading your piercing bible it is grand thank you  from WA.

Kristina Vera Texas

Hi Elayne

I had the VCH in Waco Texas 7 weeks or so ago. LOVE it . I healed nicely. Still want to get my belly done when you come back to TX. My hubby Val really wants to get a piercing. He regrets not getting it when you were here. Love the book I read it  many times when I have questions. I thank you and have had stangers ask to see it when Val tells them what I did. Total strangers. Can u beleive it???

Love ya


Kristina, I'm so happy to hear that you're enjoying your VCH piercing.

I look forward to seeing you again and piercing Val the next time I'm in your area!


Scarlett Laitano

Can't wait until you can get to the Midwest; I'd definately drive to CHI if you did in fact get a guest gig there. Originally got my Triangle piercing done by you in NOLA at Rings of Desire, and have since gotten a Marilyn, Nipples, stretched my tongue, and gotten more ink. Congratulations on the book's success, I plan on buying it very soon, and the page is gorgeous and easy to use. You are a gem to share your knowledge with the World!



well tahnk you for all yer help. I think you are fucking amazing <3


hello its me again. As soon as i get the money im getting your book.  i havent changed the jewlery. the balls wont un screw at all. but im going to wait untill they heal better. b4 trying new jewlery i want rings thats why i wanted them changed because i have heard that rings are easyer to clean. I am also thinking of becoming a body art professional myself. Any tips?

If the bars you're wearing are of good quality and appropriate fit, you should leave them in place until you're thoroughly healed. If they fit properly, then you'll be able to clean just fine.

Yes! I've got TONS of tips on becoming a body art professional. In fact, I've got a whole book full. Once you've read it, if you have any questions feel free to contact me again. Please use the contact page or email me with questions. This guestbook is more for comments than questions.


If you know of any piercers at all in my area that would be suitable for me to get my hood pierced by that would be quite helpful. Please look in to it if you ever get the chance. I have been really wanting to get it done but after getting my nipples done and im pretty sure that they are pierced wrong im frightend to get another piercing here.

Hi Shanae, You're wise not to return to a piercer that has done a poor job.

All of my referral information is on this page:


My brother is a tatoo artist. Just thought id let you know. I really love the look of your work. I want to get my hood done. vertical hood to be exact. I do not trust the piercers here. Do you think you will ever come to Moline or Rock island, IL? Im also thinking of getting the triangle genital piercing. Im almost completely sure that i have the correct build for them both. Oh and one more thing how much do you charge per piercing?

Hi Shanae, Thanks for the positive feedback about my body art; I appreciate it.

I don't have any plans to be in that area, but I will probably guest pierce in Chicago at some point.

When I do a piercing, the fee is $100. for the first piercing and $50. for additional piercings in the same session, plus jewelry.


So I have had my nipples pierced since Dec.31,2009. I am still having the white dishcharge stuff comming out of one of them and everytime i try to change the bars or take them out to clean them a little better the balls are on so tight that i cant even get them off. everytime i try they start bleeding and i have to restart the healing prosses over. Is this at all normal? Shouldnt they be healed better that what they are by now?

Hi Shanae,

Nipples can take a long time to heal and are prone to "ups and downs" during healing. If your piercings are still healing, the jewelry should not be changed at all. If your jewelry changes are causing bleeding then something is wrong! Are you using externally threaded barbells? They can damage the delicate tissue inside the channel. Here's a brief passage about that from The Piercing Bible:

Changing Jewelry Quality body jewelry can be worn indefinitely. If you like what you’re wearing, there is no need to change it. Most piercees don’t have the requisite know-how, dexterity, or sanitation to safely insert new jewelry into a healing piercing at home. A clumsy attempt to swap out the jewelry on a healing piercing can cause irritation, delayed healing, and infection. See a piercer if you experience problems; otherwise, your initial piece of jewelry should remain in your piercing until you are fully healed. Once you’re healed, however, it should be safe to replace your jewelry when all of the following conditions are met: • Your piercing is no longer secreting and getting crusty. • It is not tender. • The minimum healing time has passed (see “Minimum Healing Times Chart,” page 276).

Perhaps what you're seeing is sebum if it is a white discharge? Here's some information from my book about that:

Sebum is a substance from your oil glands that collects in healed piercing channels. It is a naturally occurring product of the body, containing fat, keratin (a fibrous protein), and cellular material.3 The purpose of sebum is to protect your skin and hair, keep it moisturized, and to inhibit the growth of microorganisms on the skin. People sometimes mistake it for pus, but it is more solid and cheeselike and has a distinctive rotten odor that reflects the dead cellular debris it contains.

Have you read my book? I think you'll find it extremely informative! Elayne

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