Funk-Off Piercing Deodorant

There's a wonderful piercing-related product that I wanted to let people know about. It is called "Funk-Off" and it is a piercing deodorant.

Funk-Off Piercing Deodorant

This is what I say about it in The Piercing Bible, specifically as related to nasal septum piercings:

Septum Piercing: Septum Stench
Once your piercing is healed, you may encounter septum stench (the pungent, rot- ten odor that comes from the sebum that accumulates in healed piercing channels). It is a normal secretion from piercings throughout the body (see “Normal Piercing Secretions,” page 182). However, because your septum piercing is inside your nose, the distinctive aroma is obvious when the smelly substance is present. Don’t worry: only you can smell it!

And this is what it says in the section, Normal Piercing Secretions:

Sebum is a substance from your oil glands that collects in healed piercing channels. It is a naturally occurring product of the body, containing fat, keratin (a fibrous protein), and cellular material.3 The purpose of sebum is to protect your skin and hair, keep it moisturized, and to inhibit the growth of microorganisms on the skin. People sometimes mistake it for pus, but it is more solid and cheeselike and has a distinctive rotten odor that reflects the dead cellular debris it contains.

Well, I tried it myself and Funk-Off absolutely works!

I have a stretched 2 gauge conch piercing and I wear a press-fit eyelet that is not designed to be removed frequently. That means, even though I wash the piercing and jewelry with soap and water in the shower daily, I found my conch still smelled icky. Not anymore!

The product is natural and organic, too, which I love. Not only that, but the folks who created it are really good people.

If you are experiencing any odor from your piercing(s), give it a try! Check out their other natural products, too.