Elayne Angel Piercing in Philadelphia August 3-8, 2011

ELAYNE ANGEL PIERCING IN PHILADELPHIA: August 3-8, 2011Elayne Angel Piercing in Philly August 2011

Infinite Body Piercing
626 South Fourth Street
Philadelphia, PA 19147
Studio phone: 215.923.7335

To book an appointment, use the contact page on my website or email me at: [email protected].

Please tell me the date and approximate time of day you'd like to come in so that I can get you penciled in for a slot right away. Note that I'm also taking appointments for a piercing visit to Los Angeles, so please clarify the city and preferred date for me.

Let me know which piercings(s) you'd like to get done. If you're planning to get a female genital piercing, please send me clear, close-up photos (as described here) so I can see if you're anatomically suited to the placement(s) you desire.

Don't delay if you want to book an appointment to be pierced by me, as I only have many clients all over the East Coast who are waiting for my return. I ordinarily get booked completely for these piercing trips. I hope to see you and pierce you at Infinite in Philly!

For jewelry questions, contact the Infinite Body Piercing.
Studio phone: 215.923.7335
Studio website: http://www.infinitebody.com/